Facebook Marketing: Why You Need It

Your competitors are already using Facebook marketing to their advantage. If you have already invested in a website design, then opening up a Facebook account and making regular posts can be a more interactive way to reach your customers online. Facebook marketing as a part of your social media marketing efforts can be a very effective way to build your customer base.  Facebook marketing can be used as a way to gain new customers. Facebook marketing can also be used as an easy way to communicate sales, special discounts, or other information to your current customer base, or even as a way to distribute coupons to drive more traffic to your store.  Facebook marketing can help your website appear higher in the search engine results pages. Recently Google announced that they DO take into account whether or not a company has a Facebook page and uses it properly when determining where a website will rank in the search engine results. So, for example, if your company sells fine jewelry, and you want your website to appear in the Google search results when someone searches for “fine jewelry boutique St. Louis”, your Facebook marketing campaign can help accomplish that.

Facebook Marketing Design Packages:

Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing


What our Facebook Marketing Packages Include:

All of our Facebook marketing packages include consultation with our Facebook marketing experts on your particular industry and target demographic so that we can determine the best strategy for your Facebook marketing campaign. We will then design 6 custom logo concepts and allow you to make 2 rounds of unlimited changes before choosing the logo for your business. We will send you the logo in the most common file types so that you will be able to use this logo on your Facebook marketing page as well as all of your marketing materials (business cards, brochures, pamphlets, your website, etc. if you choose to do so). We will also have our expert copywriters create content for each of the sections and add up to 25 photos. If the Intermediate or Advanced packages are purchased, the custom designed background and landing page designs also receive up to 2 rounds of unlimited changes before adding them to the page and sending you the design files.


The Importance of Facebook Marketing

In order to make your Facebook marketing campaign successful, you need to come up with reasons for people to not only “like” your page, but continue to find reasons to come back to your page to view the information that you are posting. At Evolution Networks, it is our job to find the right balance of posting and silence for your Facebook marketing campaign strategy to not only attract people to your page to “like” it, but have them coming back every once in a while to comment on your posts and find exclusive offers.

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  • Facebook Marketing

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